ALDI Finally Takes Credit – Its time to give them more

ALDI Finally Takes Credit – Its time to give them more

Aldi is finally taking credit cards, and as you review this retailer it is time more analysts and industry participants give them credit for their competitive prowess. Aldi has been in the states for some 40 years steadily gaining scale in new stores but more importantly evolving their offer and positioning to appeal to a wider breadth of shoppers. Their positioning has expanded beyond low prices of the hard discounter to Feel Good Food [at] Feel Great Prices, broader and more interesting for today’s shoppers.

After decades of denial, Aldi has finally entered the 21st century to take credit cards (EMV even). What's next a payments app?

After decades of denial, Aldi has finally entered the 21st century to take credit cards (EMV even). What’s next a payments app?

Aldi has:

  • Extensive premium and healthy options for shoppers from organic to good for you to gluten free
  • A¬†more than adequate fresh meat offer for most households
  • A basic but very fresh produce offer
  • Deli and Dairy offers with both range and multiple tiers of quality / specialization
  • Increased brand presence and visibility
  • Increased ethnic products both major and own brands
  • Kept clutter and costs low (no service departments)
  • Wine and Beer in selected stores (selectivity is more a licensing issue vs strategy)
  • A solid digital presence on social, site, newsletters¬†and an App! to promote special buys and discovery items
  • FINALLY accepted Credit Cards

Aldi has done all this while maintaining its long held discipline in product quality and specifications for its own brands and store conditions.

While the entrance of Lidl into the USA will certainly give Aldi some familiar competition, the bigger trend and issue for other supermarket operators is that the small smart supermarket like the Aldi’s, Lidl’s and Trader Joe’s. These highly productive, local and easy to shop, at good values and experience will continue to win share of trips and spend from shoppers versus traditional big box grocery and supercenters.

Take a look at our recent Aldi store tour gallery for more thoughts on this retailer.

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