Amazon’s Alexa Turns One & Adds Voice Activated Enabling of Skills (Apps)

Amazon’s Alexa Turns One & Adds Voice Activated Enabling of Skills (Apps)

Does anyone think this makes sense?  Yes Amazon is all about customer centricity and simplifying things for its customers, but absent Alexa having voice security to only respond to a specific voice anything aloud saying “Alexa Enable [Fill in any capability app you wish] skill” and away she goes. As Mashable published back in March  Alexa can be activated and can now enable app installation from the radio. Ever leave the radio or TV going when not at home? Or Alexa playing a radio station? All it takes is a DJ or TV personality  with a sense of humor to test it out.   “Alexa order 100 cases of Toilet paper please”  or “Alexa open and close the garage doors every minute please”. Note according to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, good manners are important with robots and voice activated computers. See 2001 Space Odessy for guidance.  So always say please to Alexa.

alexa beauty shotAmazon is only focused on adding more and more exciting skills to simplify consumer lives. “As the selection of skills continues to grow, Amazon is introducing new, simple ways to discover and enable Alexa skills. The skills section of the Alexa app is now completely redesigned. Starting today, customers can browse Alexa skills by categories such as “Smart Home” and “Lifestyle” in the Alexa app, apply additional search filters, and access their previously enabled skills via the “Your Skills” section. Also available today, Alexa customers can use their voice to enable skills: simply say “Alexa, enable NBC News” or “Alexa, enable 7 minute workout” and access them instantly.”

So if you haven’t bought an Amazon Echo and brought Alexa into your home yet, do it now so on Amazon Prime Day (July 17th – but be prepared that this is more than a day long) you can listen to the radio and have Alexa enable and complete your enhanced contribution to turning the economy around with your purchase of :

  • a new car!
  • A home renovation!
  • 100,000 Powerball Tickets
  • Arborist services to cut down that massive tree in your yard. Just in case!

Your government and bank will thank you profusely for running up your credit in support of the economic turnaround.

In the meantime have a great 4th of July to celebrate your independence. Until Alexa arrives…..



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