Branding Corollary: Images Should Shout Your Brand Even Without Words.

Branding Corollary: Images Should Shout Your Brand Even Without Words.

Of course you are going to put your brand name in text or logo on your digital assets, but first and foremost the images you present should communicate your values and distinctions all by themselves.

Apple has understood this as an extension of their product design for years, others are still learning. Use graphics that reinforce your image and the value (price) you hope to claim. A few retail examples I recently saw that I liked from the retail space are from Kroger, Loblaws and even discounter Aldi, below. Kroger even presents crisp fresh fruit on their investor page that you wish you could reach out and pop into your mouth. Loblaw presents aspirational meal images that likely make shoppers want to top off their carts. Even Aldi, a discounter, understands that even people who are value shoppers can be aspirational and invests appropriately in terrific graphic images.

There is no reason to miss an opportunity to project an image of quality and value even above yourself. Don’t show up starting from a poor first impression, we have to remember that for ourselves sometimes too.

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